I write to make people laugh, to keep my late father’s memory alive, and to spread awareness of causes about which I’m passionate. And, the best part? If you don’t like it or you don’t agree with it, you don’t have to read it!

  • Terri Brown Potter

Oh, My Blog!

For fourteen years, I worked in Corporate Marketing on the creative team at specialty technology distributor. I bet it sounds super boring. But guess what. It was …Such. Fun.

Our small team of digital and graphic designers, art directors, and writers worked in a close-knit, insulated group, collaborating on every type of project you can imagine — for ScanSource itself (corporate communications, HR initiatives, and more) and for their manufacturing vendor partners (Avaya, Epson, Honeywell, Polycom, Toshiba, Plantronics, Axis Communications … and many more).

Then one day it was time for a change, so I made it. I took time off to do some home interior projects. And, in late March, I decided to take on freelance writing jobs. Would you believe the first client I landed came to me via LinkedIn? This technology reseller was looking for someone to specifically write about Industry 4.0, blockchain for the supply chain, and other trends. I was tickled (and still am) to win my first contract with someone — though complete strangers — so closely related to the specialty technology field I know and love so well. The second client came quickly thereafter — a residential real estate developer who is experiencing double-digit growth in their niche market. I love homes. It’s a match made in heaven. :)

Because each job quickly became bigger than just writing — meaning, we begin talking about writing needs and the client realizes they *do* need a graphics person or a web person — I decided to found a small creative agency. It’s in the earliest of early stages of development, and it is THRILLING. My mission is to provide short-term work on projects for marketing departments, larger ad agencies that need additional resources, or any other opportunity for which extra creative help is needed. So now I have a beautiful logo, a website (work in progress), and a blog.

A blog?

A blog.

A blog?

Yes, a blog!

Can you use that in a sentence?

After saying she would never, ever have her own blog, Terri Brown Potter now has a blog.

And, to that end, my new business has surprisingly and delightfully attracted business coaching opportunities. So far, I’ve worked with three clients to help them navigate bumpy workplace situations – specifically related to diversity and sensitivity issues. These are tricky times.

The Best Part? I’m going to share those challenges, the process we took to overcome them, and the outcomes (names and companies redacted, of course) in a series called, “We Can Work It Out.” Stay tuned, as that series along with a ton of useful tips, tricks, and solutions will be uploaded to a (still being created ... shoemaker's son, no shoes, all that ... as I type).

I love that you stopped by to read this. I love helping people. It’s my passion, it’s my purpose, and it’s something I’ve perfected.

Check back often because there’s so much more to come – tbp

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