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Oh, My ScanSource!

There are many remarkable things about working at a company like ScanSource. The level of

intensity with which employees compete in the annual Halloween skit and cube decorating contests is nothing short of incredible. It’s June 2018, and I type this post with complete certainty that somewhere, some ScanSource employee is plotting his or her team’s course to Halloween victory. Those were such good times.

It's been eight months since I left ScanSource, and what I’m finding most remarkable about my experience is how much experience I now have. My official title was copywriter.


Copy. Writer.

Copy. Righter.

But, here's the thing: I did one heck of a lot more than copywriting (and I did one heck of a lot of that). According to Wikipedia copywriting is, “The act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.”

Did I write text for the purpose of advertising? Sure – I wrote copy for more than fifty ad campaigns. But, I was also part of the entire creative process for each campaign. From concepts to pitch to execution (and everything in between), I was involved.

Did I write to increase brand awareness? Every single day. I wrote a lot of copy to increase awareness for ScanSource (look at me now). And, I wrote even more copy to increase awareness of every technology manufacturing brand with whom ScanSource partners. And, ScanSource has an impressive list of industry-leading partners that span a wide breadth of technology products [scroll quickly, I promise this is the only part I get all specialty technology talky):

  • point-of-sale systems

  • barcode scanners

  • rugged mobile devices

  • phone systems

  • video conferencing solutions

  • headsets

  • access control

  • networking security

  • 3D printers

  • 3D scanners

  • card readers

  • rugged keyboards

  • thermal printers, and so much more.

And, if you are given the amazing opportunity to be a copywriter at ScanSource, you are tasked with far more than simply writing copy to promote these products. You collaborate with other members of the creative team to build micro-sites for all of the brands who manufacture those products. I have written and proofed tens of thousands ...TENS OF THOUSANDS ... of pages for the four (then five) business unit websites ScanSource hosted during my tenure.

Part of being a copywriter at ScanSource is being an everything writer – in every style, voice, tone, manner, and medium. It was spectacular! No two days were alike! For fourteen years, I was given the opportunity, one project at a time, to fine-tune my writing skills and beef up my creative prowess.

For sales events, I wrote limericks, haikus, raps, songs, and skits. I helped develop activities and games for the sales teams and generate ideas for incentives and prizes.

For conferences, I wrote – you know what, let me see how quickly I can create a list of the kinds of things I wrote at ScanSource from A to Z. Let me just set my timer … (hang on, let me stretch ... you know what, you've been sitting here reading this for a bit, why don't you take a moment to stretch, too). Okay, here I go:

Ad campaigns

B2B communications

College recruitment flyers

Direct mail pieces

Executive bios

Financial information


Half-page ads



Kickoff promos

Long-form industry articles

Magazine features


Options for names

Posts for blogs

Q and As


Social media content

Telemarketing scripts

User experience

Video and voice over scripts


X-tremely funny digital signage

Yearly sales meeting entertainment

Zippy headlines, and so much more.

Seven minutes – including styling the initial caps for A thru Z.

And, wait, at ScanSource, I did even more. As part of the creative team, I was given so many amazing opportunities to tap into my other talents. I didn't just write voice-over scripts, I was often the voice-over talent. On three occasions, I put my musical training (thanks mom and dad) to use when I arranged (as in going all Mozart [yes, I went there] with old school blank music sheets and a pencil behind my ear) songs for employees to perform (have I mentioned how much fun ScanSource employees sometimes have?).

I didn't just concept and write scripts for the evening entertainment part of the Scansource annual sales meeting, I assisted with casting, stage direction, and wardrobe. For the company's 20-year anniversary, I was the only copywriter on staff and wrote the entire show from top to bottom, and then was the "voice of god" for the live performance.

And, speaking of sales meetings, can I tell you what an incredibly gratifying experience it is to hear a crowd of five hundred people belly laugh at my jokes? Other than the "voice of god" year, I worked backstage during those shows (with a big headset, clipboard, and pockets filled with wardrobe-malfunction preventing items). Still, I could hear the laughter and know that some (not all, but plenty of it) was because of me. Oh, I know how to find the funny, and thanks to ScanSource, I have the collective memories of my former coworkers (and old school CDs) to prove it.

ScanSource also gave me opportunities to collaborate on (concept, script-write, cast, and shoot) several industry video series that are still live on their website.

ScanSource executives trust the creative team to help them prepare for presentations through slide deck creation and coaching. I loved to get in touch with my inner and former teacher to work with them.

I could actually go on ALL DAY LONG extolling on the virtues and JOY of being a copywriter at ScanSource. But, I want to get to The Best Part. Being a copywriter at ScanSource meant that every single day I had the privilege to work closely with and learn so much from an incredibly talented, smart, creative, funny, dedicated group of people. Every. Single. Day. My role as copywriter meant being part of something much bigger than me. Very few of the aforementioned accomplishments (of which there are hundreds) were all mine.

Collaboration is king and queen at ScanSource, and effective, productive collaboration was never more critical than on the creative team. We could handle anything that was thrown at us (okay, I couldn't handle having a stress ball thrown at me [accidentally] but that's a story for another time). What an honor it was to work so closely and so confidently with an amazing team of people where I could be a cheerleader, a stand-up comedienne, a creator of games, a catchphrase maker and maintainer, a slow-clap starter, a sing-along encourager, and yes, a copywriter.

Thanks to my years at ScanSource, I know how to write anything, because I’ve written everything. And, more importantly, I know how to gather the right people to create anything, because I've collaborated on teams to create everything.

And, now I can write (and create) anything and everything for you – tbp

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